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Spruce up Your Home with Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring creates a warm, inviting home. Whether you choose traditional hardwood or engineered flooring, you have an option for prefinished flooring styles that offer a variety of advantages for your home.

Hardwood flooring is usually installed as planks that are unfinished. After the flooring is installed, the planks are stained with the chosen color and finished with a protective sealer. Over the past few years, flooring manufacturers have introduced a variety of prefinished hardwood flooring styles that come completely finished prior to installation. Unfinished and prefinished hardwood floors offer a stylish appearance that adds beauty to any space, but there are significant differences between them. Before purchasing a new floor, you should understand the pros and cons of each type.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood planks are fairly easy to install, but they will require an adequate plywood subfloor rather than a concrete base. Since solid planks are thicker and heavier, their weight must be sufficiently supported. Because of the natural expansion and contraction of hardwood, a plywood subfloor allows the wood to move and breath without damage.

* Durability – Solid hardwood floors are extremely durable. With proper maintenance they will last a lifetime without replacement.

* Strength – Solid wood floors are very strong, so they stand up to normal wear-and-tear in any home environment.

* Refinishing – Because solid wood flooring is much thicker than prefinished flooring, it can easily be sanded and refinished if damaged.

Prefinished Wood Flooring

Prefinished wood flooring comes in both hardwood and engineered styles, but engineered flooring lacks some of the advantages of solid hardwood. Since engineered planks are significantly thinner, they are not as durable over time.

* Durability – When stains and finishes are applied at the factory, finished treatments are much stronger than on-site treatments. Most site-applied finishes have three to five year warranties, while factory-applied treatments often have warranties up to 25 years.

* Strength – Although prefinished floors lack the strength of solid hardwood floors, they hold up well under normal household conditions.

* Refinishing – Due to a strong chemical topcoat, refinishing prefinished floors requires heavy sanding. This reduces the thickness of the planks and limits the number of times the floor can be refinished.… Read More

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3 Reasons Why a Home Appraisal is Needed

A home appraisal tells you what your home is worth. It can be beneficial to have this detail for a number of reasons. An “official” appraisal will be done in person and a certificate will be provided to you. By scheduling a home appraisal Suffolk VA residents can learn more about their home.

You’re Selling Your Home

If you plan on selling your home, it is a good idea to get a home appraisal done. This will ensure that you know how much your home is actually worth. It will make it easier to create an asking price that is fair within the marketplace. Plus, you can share the appraisal certificate with potential home buyers so that they are aware of the actual worth.

You’re Getting a Loan

If you are getting any kind of loan from the bank, they may ask for a recent home appraisal. Particularly if you are asking for a significant amount of money, they may ask for some form of collateral. The equity that you have within your house can be established based on how much you owe on your mortgage versus what your home is being appraised at. Often, home appraisals are valid for one year from the time that you get them.

You’re Refinancing

If you’re refinancing your mortgage, lenders will often ask for a home appraisal to be done first. The reason for this is to ensure that the home is valued for more than what the new mortgage is going to be. If you’re upside down in your home, you may not have the ability to refinance.

An appraisal is a relatively simple process where an appraiser comes out to your home. They’ll identify how many square feet your home is, confirm some details, and even review the age of certain aspects of your home. From there, you can get the appraisal you need.… Read More

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Buying Furniture And Other Household Items Online

If you’re like many people, you enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home so that you don’t have to deal with the crowds at stores. However, there are a few things that you should consider before shopping online that will make the experience pleasant and as secure as possible.

For most people, they tend to purchase furniture and other items for the home online. These are often the easiest things to purchase instead of getting clothes. You can click here for more information about outdoor items that you can buy online as well as some of the items aside from furniture that are available. Before buying online, you need to take measurements so that you get items that will fit in your home. You also need to think about the colors and the details that you want on the items that you purchase so that they will blend well with the other decorations in your home and so that they will bring out your personality.

Many buyers leave reviews about the company and the products that have been ordered. Read these reviews because you can get beneficial information about what you should avoid and the best options that are available. Look at pictures online, but keep in mind that some might be stock images. Try to find pictures of the actual item in a home or office so that you get a better idea of how it will look in your own house. When you find something that you like online, try to locate it in a store so that you can go see it in person. This way you’ll be able to feel the texture and experience how it will feel when it’s in your home. Find out about the return policy in case it’s not what you want or expect after it’s in your home.… Read More