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I Wanted to Have Plantation Shutters

I don’t know the first thing about design, but I do know what I like. Somehow, that is enough for when it comes to how I decorate my house. Sometimes, I will just buy a new picture that I like and hang it somewhere. Other times though, I do something much bigger and more permanent. One of these things was when I purchased window shutters for two of my rooms last year. I saw them in a magazine and fell in love with them. The funny part is that the shutters were not even what was being advertised, but that is where my eyes went as soon as I turned the page to the ad they were in.

I just liked how much they made the room seem not only classier but brighter too. I didn’t even finish the magazine at that moment. I put it down and went to my computer because I wanted to see if there was a local store that had something similar. What I found was Orange County Shutters, and I spent a lot of time on their website learning about the plantation shutters that they provide to their customers.

I also spent a lot of time looking at the different kinds of shutters they have. I was actually mesmerized, and I knew that I was going to place an order. I was able to talk with someone at length because I wanted to make sure that I was making the right decision. I don’t mean about the shutters, because that was already a done deal in my mind that I was getting them. I just wanted to make sure I was getting the right kind. It was not a quick process, but it was so worth it. I love the two rooms that the shutters are in now, and I am going to keep adding to the other rooms as I am able to do so.