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Where to Stay During a Home Renovation

If you are lucky enough to be in the position where you can renovate your home then you know just how stressful it can be trying to organize everything correctly. You likely also know that it isn’t always practical to stay at your home during renovation work.

After all, if the construction crew doesn’t have to accommodate for you and your family then they can get the job done faster.

Of course, where are you supposed to stay?

Below are some ideas on where you and your family can stay during home renovations.

A Couple of Days – Just the Weekend. Maybe a Week?!

If your contractor has given you this (very loose) time frame then the best idea is for you and your family to head off on a mini-vacation.

The first idea is to take a short camping trip at a local nearby forest or camping grounds. Somewhere you are close to home if you need to be contacted or to attend, but also far away enough to forget that the work is being done and enjoy the surroundings.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, consider camping at a beach. While the idea might not seem traditional, there are many camping areas with small beaches that will allow you to camp on or close to the sand.

These are great ideas because they can help you and your family bond and put you all in a good mindset to return to your renovated home.

I’d Say a Couple of Weeks. Give Me a Month?

If you’re looking at a few months, maybe a month, then your best bet is to plan the work to occur when your children are off from school and take the family on a vacation. The Groupon Coupons page for Apple Vacations has some great discounts on vacation options for you and the family to enjoy.

Yep, Definitely Going to Be a Few Months

If those are the words your contractor mentioned without actually looking you in the eye, then your best bet is going to be a home-share. A service like Airbnb will have options for you and your family to rent for an entire month without the need to sign a lease. Often, these will be homes in your neighborhood, meaning that you could be situated quite close to your home during the renovation period, making it easier to keep track of the progress during the work.

If you are using this service, be sure to communicate with the owner that there is a chance that you will need to stay longer, given that there is work being done to your home. If the owners have other guests after you and can’t accommodate this, it’s better than you know upfront before being stuck in a situation where you and your family may need to move just for one week.

Renovating Your home is both a great and stressful experience, but at the end always comes out for the best! If you are in the lucky position, be sure to get out of the way of your builders to allow them to do their job by using the ideas above.