7 Ways Trees Benefit the Environment

Ever since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere has increased by as much as 45%. Carbon dioxide can lead to a sudden surge in temperatures. Hence, the global warming effect. Trees help to take away some of that CO2 from the atmosphere by absorbing it. The following are other ways that trees can benefit the environment:

1. Keep the Soil Fertile

The top layer of soil is nutrient-rich because that is where most of the decomposition happens. Unfortunately, heavy rainfall and strong winds can take away those nutrients. When it rains and the ground is flat, the water will carry away the top layer of the soil and transport those nutrients somewhere else. In scientific terms, rains cause soil erosion.

Winds blow away the nutrients because there is nothing to stop it. Trees act as barriers to both rainwater and wind. They keep the top layer of the soil intact by absorbing most of the rainwater. Trees also act as windbreakers by stopping strong winds.

2. Protect the Ocean

Phytoplanktons are aquatic microorganisms that live on the surface of water bodies. They are mostly found in the oceans. The number of phytoplankton in the environment is in trillions. One thing that sets phytoplanktons apart from other aquatic microorganisms is their ability to absorb CO2.

The rise in CO2 levels in the atmosphere means that phytoplanktons have more CO2 to absorb. As a result, the acidity levels in oceans have increased, threatening … Read More

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Teaching Your Children the Importance of a Clean House

It is challenging to keep a house that has kids clean and tidy. If you want to solve this problem, it is advisable to involve your kids when cleaning and arranging your home. Children get to understand the usefulness of a particular activity when they participate. Here are five reasons why you should show your kids the importance of cleaning.

They Understand What Makes a Family

As simple as it sounds, showing your children the value of cleaning together teaches them what makes a family. When they help you do the dishes or mop the floor, they get to understand that families work together. Also, this makes them feel needed.

It Is Educational

They can learn the cleaning process itself. For example, they get to learn how to use machines, detergents, and tools used for cleaning. Also, they get to understand that someĀ  activities, such as carpet cleaning, need professional services and require a quick search for carpet cleaning Portland online.

They Learn To Appreciate Hygiene

When kids understand the hard work that goes into keeping things together in the house, they may learn to appreciate a neat home. They may begin to realize that if they use the dishes, somebody will have to clean them. If they are tasked to help clean the floor, they may not enter the house with muddy shoes.

They Acquire Skills

Parenting is not only for today’s lessons but also for the future. It is better to teach your kids responsibility now rather than

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Why You Should Consider a Full Bathroom Remodel

As a homeowner, you probably enjoy making various updates to your home. You’ve revamped the kitchen, transformed your landscape and turned your backyard into an oasis. What’s next? Your bathroom. Sure, not many people are going to see it, but changing it up can make all the difference. Your bathroom remodeling discovery bay ca might take work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. When it’s all said and done, you’ll have your very own mini-spa. Also, your bathroom will become that place you go to relax and escape from life’s many stresses.

Create More Space

If you don’t have the money to add a new bathroom to your home, you can expand your existing bathroom. To do this, you can add a shower and/or tub. You can do this at a low cost and add value to your home.

Improve Overall Efficiency

As you update your fixtures, switch out your tub and add more greenery to your bathroom, you might as well improve the efficiency of your bathroom while you’re at it. You can do this by installing water-saving devices, such as low-flow showerheads and low-flow toilets. This will help you save more on your water bill.

Another way to make your bathroom more efficient is to install LED or CFL lights. These lights use less energy than regular bulbs. As a result, you’ll save a significant amount on electricity costs. You can also put in a more efficient ventilation fan to reduce your bathroom’s energy usage.


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