Signs That You Need A New Air Conditioning System

When you own your own home, one of the bigger purchases you might have to make is for a new air conditioning system. It can be difficult to know exactly when the right time to do so is. While it is costly to replace the whole unit, it can be quite costly to keep repairing an older, inefficient unit as well. When you look into the installation of a new system, be sure to work with a reputable company of air conditioner Bradenton such as the one found at Below are some tell-tale signs you are due for a new system.

Age Of Unit

Typically, you can expect most air conditioning units to last up to fifteen years. However, if you have a unit that is over ten years old and you find you are going to need to make some expensive repairs to it, it would make more sense at that point to replace the whole unit. This can be especially true when you would like to get one of the newer, more efficient models that have come out in the past decade.

Frequent Repairs

If you find yourself needing to get your unit repaired often, it would make sense to think about replacing it. If you are facing a huge repair to your air conditioning unit, it makes sense to try and weigh the costs of the repair against the cost of getting a new unit. Replacing your unit now could end up saving you money in the long run.

Home Not Comfortable

If you find that you are having difficulty keeping your home cool and comfortable, your air conditioner might not be working efficiently. If your unit has to work hard to keep your home cool, you might notice that your energy costs are starting to go up. It may cost more up front to get your unit replaced. However, you could save more money every month on your electricity bill.

It can be a tough choice trying to figure out if you should replace your air conditioner unit. Using the above tips, it should be a little easier to know what the right choice for you and your family will be.