Concrete Floors In Your Home

You’ve heard about concrete floors but are having a hard time imagining them in your home. The concrete floors you know are in your garage or your driveway outside. You can, however, have beautiful concrete floors in your home. Here are the best places to have them installed.


Since you can customize concrete floor with stain or paint, you can design your floor to match the decor of your kitchen. It is durable against foot traffic and easy to clean up after spills. If you apply epoxy floor coating about once a year to reseal it, your concrete floor can last for decades.

First Floor Bedroom

While the weight of concrete might be a little heavy for an upstairs bedroom, there is something you can add to this type of flooring if your bedroom is on the main floor. While the material is being poured, you can have wires or hot water pipes added to it warm it. Instead of waking up to a cold floor on a winter’s morning, you can have a warm concrete floor that looks great.


This would be another great room to have heat installed to your concrete floor. This flooring also works well in you bathroom because there are no gaps between tiles for mold to accumulate. It is laid as one flat surface and can be stained and stamped to give it an elegant look. Concrete can be slippery so you might want to add a rug or two to step on after a shower.

Family Rooms

Concrete flooring is one that can keep up with a busy family. It is able to take furniture being scraped across it as well as many feet trampling on it. Also, the stain and coating you put on your floor can give it a reflective shine that can make your living space bigger and brighter. However these floors are hard so if you have toddlers or elderly people in your family you will want to lay down area rugs for protection.

A Commercial Store

If you are looking for a durable, easy to clean flooring that needs little maintenance at your business, you might consider laying a concrete floor. You can stain the concrete to match the color of your walls and fixtures. It can handle immense amount of foot traffic and equipment being moved on it with little damage. It will also last for decades with little maintenance while you will need to replace tile and carpet at least every ten to twenty years.