Easy Tips for Cleaning a Mossy Roof

The roof is the outside of the house which functions to protect the inside of the house from various threats from the outside. There are actually many kinds of roofing materials used in homes, but most of them still use tiled roofs. This type of roof was chosen because it has a more economical price and is easier to install. this one has the disadvantage that it is easy to get mossy, the moss that sticks to the tile is usually caused by frequent exposure to rain or because of the humid air temperature. Mossy tile can be a problem if left alone, besides the tile will be easily damaged, the appearance of the house will also be disturbed because of the moss which can continue to grow and fill the roof of the house. The following are easy tips for cleaning mossy roofs:

Preparing Tools and Materials for Cleaning Tiles

The tools and materials needed are a brush, water, protective paint, and a brush. Or you can also prepare a liquid moss remover that you can make yourself. Mix 8 ounces of dish soap or 1½ to 3½ cups of white vinegar with 2 gallons of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle to make application easier.

Use Ordinary Water To Wet The Roof Surface

You can start wetting the roof of the house using water. This step is done so that the moss and other dirt that sticks can be cleaned immediately. You can spray water using a hose or pour water using a bucket. Make sure the entire tile area exposed to moss is exposed to water to make it easier to clean.

Use a Brush To Clean Moss

You can immediately clean the mossy tile. If you make a liquid moss remover, you can spray it directly on the moss-affected area. However, if you don’t have mildew remover, you can clean it using a brush. Gently brush the moss-affected area, making vertical and horizontal movements until the moss is gone by the roots. Make sure the moss disappears slowly and all parts of the roof in the house look clean again without moss.

Rinse the Roof With Water

You can rinse the roof of the house using water. The dirt and moss that sticks will disappear immediately when you flush it with water. Water can also help rinse away dead moss and lichen killer. When finished rinsing, check again if there is still moss attached and brush the area again. If all areas on the roof are clean, allow the roof to dry.

Use Roof Protection Paint

After the roof at home is dry, you can immediately apply protective paint on the roof. this can make moss no longer grow on the tile. How to use this paint is not much different from other paints. You only need to use a brush all over the roof. Make sure you apply all parts evenly.