Five Things in Remodeling a Comfortable Victorian Bathroom for Children

The bathroom is very important for family functions in the house. This room should be a place for all family members to clean themselves comfortably. Building a bathroom requires special attention and consideration. Because that’s not uncommon for people to consult interior designers about the layout, function, and size of the room in building a Victorian bathroom. See Victorian Plumbing reviews for getting such a bathroom that is perfect and comfortable for all family members.

If you want to design a bathroom, whether it’s designing yourself or asking for help from interior services, there are a number of things that need to be considered. Examples are functions, aesthetic elements, aquatic systems, to their layout. In this article, general things will be explained which must be known before repairing or remodeling the bathroom to be comfortable, also for children who of course.

Unfortunately, bathrooms are not easily adapted to the needs of children, especially for those who have children under the age of 10. Here are five solutions that can be done in improving the bathroom so that children also feel comfortable and safe in cleaning themselves.

1. Give them support for high areas

Children often find it difficult to reach the sink. Therefore the design of a drawer under the sink can support children’s weight with a maximum weight of up to 40 kilograms. Thus, children can use it as a support when reaching the sink.

When the wooden board as support above this drawer is removed, the drawer can be used normally as a storage area. Another economical version to help children reach the sink is a small staircase or bench.

2. Use a storage method with a different height

Children need access to a number of things in the bathroom including those mentioned in the first point. However, some objects do have to be kept away from them.

Sink benches or drawers are low enough so that children can access them, but high storage behind walls or behind mirrors is quite beyond their reach. This place is ideal for storing items such as medicines, cleaning equipment, and other substances that must be kept away from children.

3. Give their own space

Do you have several children and use the same bathroom as you? The next difficulty is maintaining a shared space.

The solution is to provide separate storage and towels. Give clear boundaries what children can use and which ones don’t.

Some basic steps that can be done to teach them related to boundaries are to provide a different glass for the toothbrush of each separate child. If necessary, name or mark the glass so that children can distinguish it.

4. Choose materials that are durable and easy to clean

Children are sometimes very rude and the bathroom can be very messy. For that scratch-resistant drawers, walls that can be cleaned, and glass or tiles that are not easily broken, can be an option to create a child-friendly bathroom. Be sure to choose materials that do not absorb spills or hold back slips.

5. Add personality with easily replaceable elements

Today, your child may be more than one, but one day they will become a teenager and then an adult. You certainly don’t want a small child themed bathroom to stay there forever.

Instead of designing special bathroom equipment for children, you can add a bathroom personality with a choice of paints and accessories. That way, the room can be updated according to the child’s condition.