Supplement Your Income with a Side Job

A recent study shows that approximately 44 million Americans have side jobs. Side jobs are part time ventures that are in addition to a person’s full time job, or primary source of income. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as the cost of living is rising at exponential rates around the country. If you’re interested in supplementing your income during your non-work hours, here are some ideas for you.

Home Inspections

If you’ve ever purchased a home you’re probably all too familiar with home inspections. They typically last approximately 4 hours and can cost anywhere from $500 – $1,100, depending on the type of structure being inspected. You might think inspectors have backgrounds in construction or engineering, and a home inspection license is a lengthy and complicated process. It’s actually not that hard to become an inspector. Requirements vary from state to state, but some states only require 40 hours in order to take the state certification exam. Remember, a home inspection is a visual inspection. And since this service is always in demand, you probably won’t need to do that much marketing. Tell your friends and ask them to pass along your information. Word of mouth is always the best way to build up a business, no matter what field you’re in.

Independent Drivers

By now you’ve probably used an independent driver service; they’re everywhere. While it’s still possible to find taxis in some cities, it’s getting more and more difficult. Many cities have an over abundance of independent, contracted drivers. There’s a reason this new mode of transportation has gotten so popular so quickly – it’s easy, affordable and convenient. As long as you have an app on your phone, with the press of a button you can get anywhere you need to be. Most people love being independent drivers because they can make their own hours and don’t have to report to anyone. But a lot of people also like engaging with their riders and don’t mind getting paid to drive around town.

Short Term Rentals

If you enjoy hosting house guests you might want to consider having a short term rental in your home. This is an ideal option if you have an in-law unit or you travel frequently, as most people do prefer to have their privacy. But several thousands of people are successfully renting out single bedrooms in their homes as a way to make extra income. You get to choose the nights, length of stay and also make your own rules – and you might even end up meeting some great people.