The Amenities Renters Want

When renters look for an apartment to call home, they look at several things. Among these things are location, price, and size. While these factors all play a role in the decision to rent, they’re not the only ones taken into consideration. Renters look for amenities. If you’re thinking about getting into multifamily real estate like Steven Taylor Landlord, you have to think about what your tenants might want. Here are some of the top amenities renters are searching for.

On-Site Laundry

Dragging laundry to the laundromat is a huge hassle. One of the biggest things that renters want is in-unit washers and dryers, especially in units that have several floors. If in-unit laundry isn’t possible, offer on-site laundry is still a big plus.

Outdoor Space

Many people like to spend time outdoors. Whether relaxing or entertaining friends, having the space to do so is very attractive. For urban buildings, providing a yard might not be possible. Instead, may complexes are creating relaxing rooftop spaces.

Smart Features

Renters are looking for features that can help to make their lives easier. Smart features provide a way to do just that. Some can help to keep energy costs down, which benefits you as well. Features renters are looking for include smart locks and a smart thermostat. Having an app for the apartment can make it easy for tenants to pay rent and utilities as well as get in touch with you if necessary.

A Place to Workout

With an on-site fitness center, working out is much easier and more affordable. They don’t have to drive to the closest gym or deal with traffic. They also don’t have to worry about the cost of a gym membership. In addition to machines and free weights, consider adding in fitness classes (such as yoga or kickboxing) and a sauna.

When getting into multifamily real estate, it’s important to think about what potential tenants are looking for. By offering them what they want, you increase the appeal of your property and are more likely to bring renters in.