Tips on telling to buy a house in the complex as you wish!

Buying a house in a residential complex can be an easy step in choosing a residence. You do not need to bother to consider various things because housing in the complex usually includes a number of things that prospective home buyers are looking for, such as strategic locations, adequate facilities, and easy transportation access. Not only that, but you also do not bother overseeing housing construction from the beginning because it has been overseen by the developer. Although it is easier, there are a number of things to consider before you buy a house in the complex so that you make the choice of the right home.

Do a survey

Before buying, do a detailed survey in advance related to the housing complex. The survey can be done online or come directly to the field. Design a simple comparison, scoring, and analysis according to the type of house needed. There are a number of parameters in finding a residence such as considering transportation access, location, flood-free area, access to clean water, complex facilities, and others.

Marketing office

Take the time to go to the marketing office and ask for more information about the house you are going to buy. Afterward, ask for marketing to take you to prospective homes. If possible while in the field, do an ‘investigation’ right away, for example talking to neighbors or complex security guards to get the information you need.

Know the status of the house

There are two types of house status, i.e. ready for habitation and indent. Houses ready for habitation status can generally be seen directly in shape. However, most housing uses indent status so you can only choose the location via the site map. You also have to wait at least 8-24 months from the credit agreement for the home construction process.

Compare prices and facilities

Before buying, make sure to check the price of the house. Usually, the house price includes 10% VAT, the cost of the Sale and Purchase Deed (AJB), and the cost of the Building Rights Certificate (SHGB). Not only that, do not forget to check the facilities in the housing complex. Is it worth the price incurred? A housing complex provides worship facilities, a children’s playground, and has its own shopping district.

Take advantage of the warranty period

After the house handover process, you will get a warranty period or a maintenance period with a duration of 3-6 months.

During this time you can make complaints and ask for free repairs if there is damage to the house, such as leaking, cracked walls or other damage. And, do not always renovate the house at this time because it will automatically eliminate the warranty period.