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Home gardening has been a long-standing apply among the many rural and urban households in Sri Lanka for hundreds of years . Despite the traditional basis for residence gardening, over the latest years nationwide insurance policies have focused on selling home gardening within the country. The packages spotlight the key function house gardens play in the face of food insecurity, economic downturn and malnutrition by providing a diversified source of meals and a means of generating income.

Overall, the literature evaluate supports the inclusion and promotion of residence gardens as an eco-friendly sustainable agricultural practice to improve meals safety and enhance economic growth. Perera and Rajapaksa characterize varied parts of KFGs primarily based on ownership, construction, species composition, livestock composition, and management practices. KFG even have significant implications to the area in terms of in situ germplasm conservation , watershed management , preservation of habitat and other ecological contributions . In spite of the growing interest in house gardening, literature discussing house gardens in Sri Lanka is quite restricted. The bulk of the obtainable excerpts almost solely focuses on Kandyan Gardens, also called Kandyan Forest Gardens .

Rowe confirmed that, during the publish-soviet period, Tajik families suffering from civil struggle, agricultural downfall, and drought closely trusted their gardens for meals. This pattern nonetheless continues, and residential gardens continue to significantly complement household meals safety and sustenance.

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New improvements and techniques have made home gardening attainable even for the households that have little or no land or no land at all . The home gardens may be delimited by physical demarcations such as reside fences or hedges, fences, ditches or boundaries established through mutual understanding. Home gardens are found in each rural and concrete areas in predominantly small-scale subsistence agricultural techniques .

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Consequently, residence backyard production has considerably increased within the nation and has been instrumental in reducing ”˜hidden hunger’ and disease cause by micronutrient deficiency. Also, home gardens provide the main supply of staple food for individuals in heavily degraded and densely populated areas with restricted croplands . Reviews of research from varied international locations reveal that the diploma and mixture socio-cultural impacts on societies engaged in house gardening range throughout the board. Like some other meals manufacturing system, residence gardens may be weak to harsh environmental conditions similar to drought and floods . Home gardens are generally established on lands which might be marginal or not suitable for subject crops or forage cultivation due to their measurement, topography, or location . The particular size of a home garden varies from family to household and, normally, their average measurement is lower than that of the arable land owned by the household. However, this will likely not hold true for those households that do not personal agricultural land and for the landless.